Beta Testing

When will the first Beta release be available?

  • The Beta preview release will be available by the end of July or beginning of August 2021 for registered beta-testers.
  • An open Beta release may follow in August or September 2021.
  • Please register for the Beta using the contact form at the top or the Email below. We will send you an invite as soon as we are ready.

What are the requirements for becoming a Beta tester?

  • Have at least one compatible iOS or Android device, either a smartphone or a tablet.
  • Be able to display the content on an external monitor, TV or projector using a cable or wireless method.
  • Be willing to regularly update the software to the latest available Beta release.
  • Be willing to provide detailed, useful information to the developer.

What kind of feedback should I provide during the Beta testing period?

  • Evaluate the User Interface (GUI) and ensure that it is straightforward and user friendly. Provide feedback if interactions with the GUI are easy, quick, and enjoyable or if they need improvements.
  • Verify that the mechanics of the app functions as intended. Repeat simple actions and make sure that they all run smoothly and as they should. You'll need to discuss with the developer how the mechanics are supposed to function, and use that as the baseline for your observations.
  • Provide bug reports to our bug tracking system. Bugs leading to crashes lead to automated bug reports, but bugs not leading to a crash or error message will need a report detailing the steps that led to the bug.
  • Please promote the app and be positive. You will be testing a pre-production version of the the app which may have certain shortcomings. You have been trusted to both be objective during testing and act professionally afterwards. You will be helping to make the app better.

What will be the benefits of participating in the Beta testing program?

  • This is a volunteer beta testing program which is open to qualified users.
  • You will have the joy of helping to ready a new App, so that the users will have a positive experience with it.
  • For our initial beta testers we will provide a free one year subscription to the full functionality of the app as a reward.